Trumbull’s Visionary Movie “Brainstorm” Revisited

Douglas Trumbull’s 1983 movie Brainstorm, starring Christopher Walken, Lousie Fletcher, Cliff Robertson, and Natalie Wood, is another of the 1980’s forgotten science fiction films that deserve another look. The 1980’s featured Back to the Future, The Return of the Jedi (Star Wars), The Terminator, Blade Runner, and Tron, to name just a few iconic sci-fi films from that decade. But there were a number of features that were quickly forgotten or overlooked. Brainstorm, meant to be Trumbull’s most significant special effects triumph since his work on 2001: Space Odyssey, was sidelined by the death of its stars–Natalie Wood. That her death was suspicious did not help, and the fallout from that event delayed the release of the film. When it finally hit screens, the film was quickly overshadowed by other releases.

Popular Mechanics just wrote a story on the film and its associated events that capture the timeline perfectly. You can read it here. I blogged about the film previously–you can read that entry here. The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video–click here.

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