Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are Struggling to Reassert Internal Control. Here Is a Word on Each.

The Republican Party has completely collapsed in the face of the onslaughts from the Tea Party movement, alt-right fascists, and the singular phenomenon known as Donald Trump. It is completely chaos in the ranks and the leadership, with all jockeying for power in a misguided attempt to seize a mandate that doesn’t exist. With Speaker Paul Ryan–the party’s best candidate to succeed Donald Trump–stepping down in November (2018) after seeing that nothing productive was going to be accomplished with Trump in office, the party is truly rudderless.

The Democratic Party isn’t any better off. The current US president should be a gold mine in finding new votes for Congress and the next presidential election, but instead the party infighting between socialists, Obama leftists, racial-division and class-division agitators, and welfare state promotors has left the Democratic field devoid of any broad-based candidate for the next presidential election. While the upcoming Congressional elections may turn the House and perhaps even the Senate over to the Democrats, it isn’t clear what they will be able to do with the shift in power other than make it easier for Republicans to fight back in two years.

Most troubling is that both parties are engaged in hate politics–the attempt to seize moral ground amid outbursts seeking to dehumanize their opponents. Here is a particularly cogent article on the struggle on the left. and an on-point opinion piece on the struggle on the right.


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