My Kingdom For a Horse

Photo from director Richard Loncraine’s 1995 masterpiece, Richard III, a 20th-century-style film adaptation of Shakespeare’s 1593 play that immortalized the ruthless English monarch’s short two year rule starting a century earlier in 1483. The picture is of British actor Ian McKellen, who plays the title character.

It is so rare that one finds allegory worth reading, particularly among the literati. But it seems that Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt’s essay on tyrants and Shakepeare’s Richard III is one of those exceptions. Those familiar with President Trump’s antics will squirm uncomfortably as Greenblatt, unintentionally or not, skewers Trumpish behavior in The Tyrant and His Enablers.¬†Tyrannical behavior is not just manifest in dictators and political revolutionaries, after all.

Want more? The book in which the excerpt is extracted from is Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics. Information can be found here.


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